Vending Prices

We strive to provide a great product at a competitive price.  Food costs have been going up constantly for several years.  Here is an example of our pricing.

16.9 oz bottle drinks              $1.00

20 oz Gatorade                       $1.25 

12 oz can drinks                      $.65

20 oz water bottle                  $1.00

Monster energy drinks         $2.25

Red Bull                                   $2.25

Pastry items                            $1.00

Candy                                       $1.10

1 oz Chips                                $.60

LSS 1.5 oz chips                      $.90

Crackers                                   $.50

Oreo, Beef Sticks. Granola,

Peanuts etc.                            $.85

All of our sandwich items, which includes breakfast burritos, sausage biscuits, chicken, burgers, ham sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, hot pockets, burritos, Stromboli, chimichanga, and much more.                           $1.50-$2.50